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    Called in to get a quote and the price was definitely up my alley plus he accepts debit card if you don't have cash when he arrives. Sent him my adress and I kid you not he got to my house in 5 mins! That was the quickest service I've ever gotten! Super friendly and informative, he ended up changing my flat to the spare I had in the trunk and he made sure everything was good to go ( No surprises) definitely would recommend him in a heart beat. And he's 24/7 what more can you ask!?

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    Jesus was a really amazing guy! made a little mistake to where my car got stuck and he was on his way as soon as possible within 10 minutes. I will be using again in the future for any emergencies. 10/10

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    So here I am making my bi-monthly trip to Bakersfield for the not-so-ceremonious but cordial kid exchange..... stop to get a drink and a bio break ..... after all I started the morning in Big Bear

    So I exit, pull into the Fastrip .... steal a couple deep breaths of nicotine laced carcinogens.... grab my vitavetavegwater .... walk out to see the fist shaking ass-hat of a flat tire ..... mocking my punctuality

    Call my not so local auto roadside assistance provider who quickly dispatch's assistance ... the young man arrives ... swaps the flat for the spare and I'm on my way once again ....

    Scoop the seeds.... phone dying .... pull into local chain coffee house to feed said fruits of Waltz and feel out the situation .... spare could have sufficed but ninja-papa senses were tingling a bit .....called 3 places and Jesus was the only one to answer

    This man is an angel from whomever you may pray and give thanks to......

    The spare wasn't tightened correctly .... OR as some would say AT ALL!!!!!

    had this man not answered his phone ....
    had he not been less then 3 minutes away .....

    Thank you isn't enough! We definitely wouldn't have made it home tonight possibly ever again had you not helped!

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    My car got stuck in middle of the road and Jesus was super fast and nice to remove my car off the road and inspect my car to ensure everything is still good. It was excellent service and I highly recommended it

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    Jesus is awesome! He is reliable and very skilled I didn’t think we could tow the car I bought it was missing a tire and it was a tight squeeze getting into the storage unit facility to get the car and he did it with such ease we quickly got the car on the tow truck and delivered it with no issue. I highly recommend GML TOWING

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    Great service quick response I will recommend in the future five star service

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    Awesome Job!!!!